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June 25: Workshops & Masterclasses

  • Research methodology in international business is experiencing increasing scrutiny and evaluation. The panelists will extend this conversation by providing their views of current methodological practices and visions for future applications. Discussion among the panelists, and with audience members, will be wide-ranging, spanning quantitative and qualitative approaches. Come prepared to discuss the future of research methods in international business.

  • In this workshop, the aim is to provide participants with an understanding of Qualitative Comparative Analysis. The fuzzy set QCA approach is built upon the set-theoretic comparative technique, primarily Boolean algebra, and has been introduced as a tool for integrating the strengths of qualitative and quantitative methods while overcoming the key concerns inherent in both approaches.

  • This workshop introduces participants to regression models where the outcome is in the form of a fraction, proportion, or percentage, i.e., fractional regression models (FRMs). In IB, FRMs are relevant for analyzing outcomes such as export as a proportion of total sales or foreign subsidiary ownership share. We will cover estimation, testing and interpretation of various types of basic FRMs, but also discuss some advanced topics such as FRMs with instrumental variables and FRMs for panel data.

  • Across many social science disciplines, there is increasing focus that empirical research identify causal mechanisms of empirical relationships versus plausible alternatives. In this workshop, we will discuss the issue of identification and what it means for IB research. Our focus will be how to consider identification from the initiation of research questions, to research design, and through the execution of the empirical analysis.

June 26: Workshops & Masterclasses

  • What insights can ethnographic methods of data gathering and analysis contribute to IB scholarship? How can we overcome the challenges of doing participant-observation research in an international business setting? Two experienced business ethnographers will conduct an interactive workshop exploring the theory behind ethnographic research, its uses in IB, and the practicalities of conducting participant observation in general and in the present changing business world.

  • The aim of this masterclass is to help IB researchers who utilize Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). The masterclass is focused on supporting researchers who have some prior knowledge and experience with QCA and are working on applying QCA in their research design and data analysis.

    The focus is on advanced problem solving so you will be expected to come prepared to the masterclass. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to outline the project you are currently undertaking or planning to pursue and to detail the issues with which you seek assistance from the masterclass leads. However, researchers interested in attending the session without a specific project/issue are welcome as well.

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